Wind Turbines: yes or no?

Talk by Ioanna Theodosiou on “Wind turbines: yes or no?”  to the students of the Postgraduate Program “Environmental, Disaster and Crises Management Strategies” at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The talk was part of a guest lectures series on current issues organized within the course “Anthropogenic Environment” taught by Kostas Antoniadis.

The talk provided an overview of the dilemmas resulting from the climate crisis and the indisputable need for nature conservation and restoration. The talk noted while there is a clear need to further increase the share of renewables given the new climate targets for 2030, there is also a need to recognize and address the impacts of renewables on biodiversity. However, the polarization of the public discourse in Greece surrounding the deployment of renewables, and especially wind turbines, makes it difficult to identify solutions. The talk concluded with a series of recommendations emphasizing the need for local participation and dialogue among all interested parties.

You can watch the entire debate here as well as Ioanna Theodisiou’s speech: