Comment on the new environment law

In an article on the Sunday edition of To Vima, in which the main provisions of the new law of the Ministry of Environment and Energy are presented, Ioli Christopoulou commented on the main issues towards which attention must now be turned.

Specifically, the comment was the following “We would expect more changes for the most problematic parts of the bill. Now, we proceed to the next day. For some of the provisions, such as the deadlines regarding environmental permits and the preparation on the operation of new Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency, they will be judged by their implementation. A significant outstanding issue is the need for the protected areas’ management committees to acquire co-decision role. For those provisions relating to the design of protected areas and the land uses therein, we remain vigilant so that the worst-case scenarios do not materialize.”

The article by Machie Tratsa was published (in Greek) in the Sunday edition of To Vima on 10.05.2020 titled ‘What did the ‘eraser of the MoEE’ leave on the environment map’:

Τι άφησε στον περιβαλλοντικό χάρτη η «γόμα του ΥΠΕΝ

which is also available here.