Athens faces climate crises

Comment by Ioli Christopoulou on climate change, wildfires and the prolonged heatwaves in the city of Athens, to the journalist  Elisa Perrigueur for the Tribune de Genève.

Specifically she mentioned that it is not the first time this summer that the city of Athens experiences the climate crisis. But what seems to be changing is the political will to confront climate crisis. To this direction the Municipality of Athens that appointed Mrs Lenio Mirivili as Head of Urban Overheating Management.

The article under the title “Cities confront the heatwaves- Athens should become laboratory for the climate” was published (in French) by Tribune de Genève on 13.09.2021 under the title «Les villes face à la canicule – Athènes doit devenir un laboratoire pour le climat».

You can read the article (in French) here.