Greece’s climate policy in view of the national elections

Greece’s status on climate neutrality and green energy transition, and what needs to be done by the next government for a just and inclusive transition where the key points raised by Ioli Christopoulou at the online discussion “Elections in Greece: What’s at stake for Greece and Europe”, organized by Europe Calling e.V. and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece.

As the event was held in view of the Greek national elections (21 May 2023), Ioli Christopoulou stressed that despite the fact that energy transition is crucial for Greece’s and Europe’s future, it has occupied a rather small part in the political debate and in the party campaigns, while party positions are rarely clear.

As 2022 marked a turning point both for the country’s electricity mix – since renewables with a share of 38.8% was the number one source of electricity production – and for citizens’ participation in energy production, there is no doubt that the transition is already under way and what the country needs is clear commitment across parties in this direction.

Taking this into account, she outlined the challenges that the new government will need to urgently address, calling for a commitment to measures that will lead Greece’s electricity sector to become fossil fuel free by 2035.

Specifically, the new government must focus on:

  • renewable energy deployment in locations that will not disrupt Greece’s biodiversity targets,
  • grid development
  • varied energy storage facilities
  • demand side management

In addition, there is a need to focus on the reduction of emissions in other energy sectors, beyond electricity – industry, transport and the building sector as well as the promotion of nature based solutions.

Other participants included:

Michalis Goudis, Director, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Thessaloniki Office – Greece

Eurydice Bersi, Journalist, Reporters United / Investigate Europe

Elias Papatheodorou, Member of the Coordinating Committee of the ‘Green and Purple‘ Alliance

Moderation: Dr. Maximilian Fries, Managing Director of Europe Calling e.V.


The discussion is available at Europe Calling e.V.’s YouTube Channel.

Ioli Christopoulou’s intervention is available here: