More renewables, self-produced energy and reduced energy consumption among the energy milestones for 2023

In an interview on the radio show Euranet, SKAI 100.3 FM with Korina Georgiou, Ioanna Souka, Data Analyst, presents Greece’s energy performance in 2023 based on data calculations by The Green Tank, and analyses the factors that will enhance Greece’s shift to renewable energy sources. The discussion follows the news report by K. Voutsadakis for the Athens – Macedonian News Agency on the energy records of 2023, which draws on The Green Tank’s analyses.

Among the milestones highlighted is the dominance of renewable energy sources alongside the ever decreasing use of lignite and gas in electricity production, as well as the reduction of electricity consumption.

Reinforcing the phasing out of fossil fuels, the 2023 data also shows a surge in citizens’ interest in self-produced energy and energy community projects, which showcases a significant change in their behavior as they seek an increasingly active role in the transition.

As Ioanna Souka pointed out, this progress also has a direct climate footprint. In 2023 the power sector reduced its CO2 emissions by almost 25% compared to the previous year, leading to an all-time low emissions for the sector of less than 15 million tonnes.

Responding to a question from the journalist on the future of the energy transition and potential challenges, she referred to the binding target of the National Energy and Climate Plan for more than 80% of electricity production from renewable energy sources by 2030, as well as the need for policies that will strengthen the country’s shift to a sustainable and participatory energy model.

The discussion was broadcasted on January 27, 2024 and it is available at and our YouTube channel (in Greek).