The crisis has shown the great potential for reducing fossil gas use

Journalist Hara Bourgani from presented the latest Green Tank analysis on the trends in fossil gas Consumption & Imports – March 2023 which shows that Greece completed the eight-month period of reduction in fossil gas consumption set by the EU (August 2022-March 2023) with -20. 9% compared to the five-year average, thus far exceeding the EU target of -15%, and -31.8% compared to the eight months of the previous year.

Responding to the journalist’s questions about the reasons for the significant decrease in fossil gas consumption and the lessons learned during this period, Nikos Mantzaris explained that the decrease in gas consumption was mainly a result of the displacement of gas by renewables in electricity production, while other factors such as the fuel substitution in industry and the reduction in gas use in households, due to the warm winter -among other reasons- also contributed. He argued that the potential for further reductions in gas use in the households is greater if the state financially supports the substitution of gas-based heating systems with heat pumps. In conclusion, Nikos Mantzaris stressed that against what many believed at the beginning of the crisis, the reality has shown that there is much greater potential for reducing fossil gas consumption in all end-uses.

The article titled “42.5% less gas consumed in March” was published on Wednesday 12 April 2023 on