Trends in electricity production – October 2021

According to the latest monthly data for the interconnected electricity network from ADMIE (October 2021):

Fossil gas keeps the lead over renewables (RES, 17,2 vs 14,1 TWh)

Cumulatively the share of renewables (mainly solar and wind) together with large hydro (42%) exceeds that of fossil gas (39%), while the share of lignite remains at low levels (10,5%)

Between 2020 and 2021 electricity production from lignite increased slightly by 7%, but remains at very low compared to pre-pandemic levels (-47% 2019-2021), while the increase in renewables in 2021 compared to 2019 is higher than that of fossil gas (+37% and +22% respectively)

For the month of October 2021:

– Electricity production from renewables increased significantly and covered 39% of consumption

– After January 2021, Greece for just the second month in a period of 10 years becomes a net exporter of electricity (exports > imports).

While the gap between renewables and fossil fuels has shrunk over the last 10 years, fossil fuels remain predominant in the country’s electricity mix.

This course must be reversed as soon as possible in order for Greece to achieve its climate goals and at the same time be protected from energy price crises like the current one!