Renewables and energy savings are our shield against the energy crisis

The news report by Kostas Voutsadakis and AMNA titled “Nine records broken by the energy market in 2022” records the milestones that decisively influenced the energy market in 2022, marking the country’s green energy transition with more renewables in electricity production, self-production of energy from renewables and decoupling from fossil fuels and especially Russian gas.

The report draws among other sources from The Green Tank’s observatories on Trends in Electricity Production, Trends in Fossil Gas Consumption and Imports and Energy Communities in Greece.

Commenting on these developments and in particular the fact that 2022 is the first year in history in which electricity generated from renewable energy sources and large hydro power (23667 GWh) exceeded the production from fossil gas and lignite together (23534 GWh), Nikos Mantzaris stated that: “The official figures for 2022 clearly show that the best shield against the energy crisis which peaked in the past year is a decisive shift to renewables and energy savings. Any attempt to prolong the life of fossil fuels, especially in electricity production, puts the national economy and the public interest at risk.”

The news briefing titled “Nine records broken by the energy market in 2022” was published on April 17 2023 and it is available at (in Greek).