Pending new EU measures to tackle the energy crisis

With all eyes on the “ΕU 27” Summit where key decisions will be taken on measures to tackle the energy crisis and the gas price cap, Al Jazeera contributor Priyanka Shankar turned to The Green Tank for the latest developments on renewable energy in Greece and how clean energy can help reduce energy prices at the European level. This conversation interview was prompted by the recent announcement by the Greek IPTO (ADMIE) that electricity from #renewables hit an all-time record, covering 100% of the electricity demand for 5 hours on October, 7 2022.

Commenting on current developments, Nikos Mantzaris argued that Greece’s impressive shift from lignite (brown coal) to renewables “may serve as a model for coal-plagued countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria”. Regarding the issue of tackling the energy price crisis and the use of subsidies he recommended that “the EU should move from subsidising the consumption of electricity and fossil gas towards subsidising energy savings as well as projects which will lower the carbon footprint permanently.”

The piece titled “EU response to energy crisis looms amid rising oil, gas prices” was published in Al Jazeera on October 19, 2022.