Short-term energy solutions and long-term risks

Nikos Mantzaris spoke about the soaring energy prices and the possible interruption of fossil gas supply from Russia on ERT’s TV evening news, on Monday July 11, 2022.

Following the presentation of the measures taken by the government to ensure security of supply, which heavily rely on fossil fuels, he pointed out the risk that short-term difficulties could lead us to mistakes with long-term consequences. One such mistake would be the suspension of lignite phase out, followed by a structural “return” to lignite or the “lock in” of our energy model to new fossil gas infrastructure. Renewables and energy storage in conjunction with energy savings is the long-term sustainable solution to address both the climate and the energy price crises.

You can watch the excerpt of Katerina Christofilidou’s report with Nikos Mantzaris’s statement here (in Greek).