Reducing the carbon footprint with energy savings and economic benefits for households

In the discussion with journalist Machie Tratsa for Oikonomikos Tachydromos, Nikos Mantzaris presented the motivation and the key findings of the report titled “Strategies for reducing the carbon footprint and tackling energy poverty in Greek households”, which was drafted by The Green Tank and the consulting company Facets. This report is based on engineering models and examines the benefits that Greek households will have by 2030 from implementing measures which will reduce their carbon footprint and thus their energy bills.

Specifically, 8 scenarios for residential housing and 2 scenarios for passenger transport are examined, and the report concludes with the optimal mix of measures for households. It also determines the cost of the investments needed for their implementation.

The interview starts with how the energy crisis and the allocation of resources to support households have motivated the research for measures to permanently relieve households of energy costs, an d continues with the benefits of the most efficient mix of measures.

The interview was published on February 13, 2024 and it is available at

The publication of the report is expected on February 15, 2024.