In the next four years we need decisive policies on the climate crisis

Among other representatives of Civil Society Organizations and the research community, The Green Tank participated in Eteron’s project “Climate Crisis and Elections“, highlighting the need for decisive political intervention in the sectors of the economy that are mostly responsible for Greece’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In the session “Climate and elections: Q&A”, Nikos Mantzaris distinguished the sectors of electricity production, energy-intensive industry, transport, buildings, and nature restoration. In particular, he stressed the need for more renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies, the development of e-mobility infrastructure, the energy efficiency of buildings, the modernisation of industrial processes.

As he pointed out, the recent energy crisis has shown that radical changes in the way we produce and consume energy are beneficial not only for the daily lives of citizens but also for the national economy. Equally important is the sustainable shift in the food system and waste management.

The crucial issue that arises in view of the national elections is that the parties’ positions on the above issues are often general and/or contradictory. This not only prevents voters from being fully informed, but also hinders the success of national policy to address the climate crisis in the coming years.

Green Tank’s contribution to Eteron’s Climate Crisis and Elections project was published on Thursday 11 May 2023 and is available at

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