Joint position by L.Ioannidis, L.Tsikritzis, M.Petrakos and N.Mantzaris on renewables

Closer to phasing-out lignite due to the latest international developments- YES to Renewable Energy Sources, but without mistakes that provoke reasonable reactions.

A joint article by Lefteris Ioannidis, former Mayor of Kozani, Lazaros Tsikritzis, Head of the Ecological Movement of Kozani, Michalis Petrakos, alternate member of the Panhellenic Council of the Greens and Nikos Mantzaris on the need to abandon fossil fuels and develop renewables in Western Macedonia in a just, structured and balanced fashion.

The joint position was published in Chronos Kozanis (in Greek) on June 17, 2021 under the title:

Πιο κοντά το τέλος του λιγνίτη μετά τις πρόσφατες διεθνείς εξελίξεις – NΑΙ στις ΑΠΕ, αλλά χωρίς αστοχίες που προκαλούν εύλογες αντιδράσεις. Κοινή παρέμβαση των Λ. Ιωαννίδη, Λ. Τσικριτζή, Μ. Πετράκου, Ν. Μάντζαρη.