Green Tank sends letter to Greek MPs regarding crucial vote on capacity mechanism

The Green Tank sent a letter to Members of the Greek Parliament asking them to reject an amendment approving a market-wide capacity mechanism (CM), which was submitted by the Minister of Environment and Energy late on Thursday evening.

According to the Green Tank, the approval of the CM goes against the new European rules for the internal electricity market and will create distortions in the Greek market that will adversely affect consumers and businesses. The main goal of this hurried move, just before the national elections, is to improve the economics of the lignite plant under construction, “Ptolemaida 5”, an environmentally catastrophic investment that will be loss-making regardless of the specific subsidy.

Τhe Members of the Greek Parliament must refrain from supporting a last-minute decision that will channel consumer and business money towards boosting the polluting and expensive lignite-based electricity model until 2033”, said Nikos Mantzaris, Senior Policy Analyst at the Green Tank.

Read the letter (in Greek) here.