Energy milestones 2023: Greece has embraced the energy transition

In an interview for Eco News, SKAI TV, and Korina Georgiou, Ioanna Souka, Data analyst, presents the data for 2023 that show that the country has embraced the energy transition and is moving towards fossil fuels phase out.

Based on the data processed by The Green Tank, in 2023 clean energy in electricity production reached 57%, while for about one month of the year lignite production was zero. At the same time, fossil gas consumption has been decreasing drastically in recent years.

Another important development that Ioanna Souka pointed out is that the self-production of energy either individually or collectively through energy communities doubled in 2023, reaching 421 MW, with citizens increasingly turning to renewables to meet their own needs.

The discussion was triggered by an article by Kostas Voutsadakis in Athens – Macedonian News Agency on the energy records of 2023, which draws on The Green Tank’s analyses, while these data were presented in more detail in the ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή EURANET.

The show broadcasted on Thursday 08 February 2024 and is available on