Comments on Ministry of Environment and Energy bill on energy issues

The Green Tank submitted to the Standing Committee on Production and Trade of the Hellenic Parliament its comments on the draft law of the Ministry of Environment and Energy entitled “Implementation of Directive (EU) 2018/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11th December 2018,… and related arrangements for energy efficiency in the building sector, as well as the strengthening of Renewable Energy Sources and competition in the electricity market “. The discussion of the draft bill in the competent Committee starts today, October 11, 2021.

The comments that are followed by proposals focus on three issues: the transposition of Directive 2018/2002 on energy efficiency, the energy communities and the transposition of the agreement between the European Commission and Greece regarding the pending antitrust case of Greece and PPC regarding private access to PPC lignite production. Main component of the comments and suggestions is the alignment of the country’s energy policy with the European commitments on climate neutrality and the latest developments, mainly those related to the revision of European climate legislation as announced last July, known also as “fit for 55” package, but also the revision of the National Plan for Energy and Climate that has already been launched. In addition, proposals are being submitted for the better incorporation of the antitrust agreement for private access to PPC lignite production to ensure, first, that the electricity that PPC will supply to buyers does not have to come from lignite combustion, as the agreement itself provides, and secondly, to ensure maximum transparency.

You can read the Green Tank’s detailed comments (in Greek) here.

You can watch the Green Tank’s initial input in the hearing for actors in the Standing Committee of Production and Trade of the Parliament on the draft law (in Greek) here:

And Green Tank’s answers to MPs’ questions (in Greek) here: