Poland’s minimum distance law for onshore wind turbines sabotages energy transition goals

The Green Tank joined 19 European Civil Society Organizations, and the Polish civil society in calling for a reform of the “Act on Investments in Wind Farms” to 500 meters minimum offset distance for wind turbines, unlocking Poland’s onshore wind potential and more than doubling the current Polish installed capacity.

As pointed out, since its introduction in 2016, the infamous regulation enforcing the “10H” rule has blocked 99.7% of the Polish territory from onshore wind investments and become an iconic regulatory barrier to onshore wind energy in Europe. Even though the ongoing reform is set to replace this rule, controversial proposals are set on the table, still undermining the outcome of the reform. Yet the 500 metres minimum offset distance is a prerequisite to unblock EU Recovery Plans but also to ensure 2030 climate and energy targets for the whole EU as well as the EU’s energy supply.

You can read the full joint letter here.