Turning to RES is the key to the energy crisis

Nikos Mantzaris talked to Periklis Vassilopoulos on the radio show “I Exercise My Rights”, on ERT’s First Program, on energy issues in the European Union (EU) and Greece.

The discussion focused on the current energy crisis and the surge in electricity prices that affects Greece as well. The causes of this crisis, which are quite complex and are related to geopolitical issues, as well as possible scenarios for dealing with it, were examined.

Specifically, two solutions that have already been widely discussed in the public debate were analyzed, namely, the expansion of fossil gas infrastructure (e.g., by the creation of gas storage infrastructure or new gas-based electricity power plants) and the delay in the implementation of the lignite phase-out program.

With these two options being characterized as a structural mistake for Greece for a number of reasons, a third alternative that has many advantages was presented. In particular, this solution considers that tackling the current energy crisis should not be based on hasty movements, but on a steady shift towards renewable energy sources (RES) and the necessary energy storage infrastructure. Further analyzing this solution, it was stressed that acceleration of the RES installation is required, based on a new special spatial plan that will be formulated through extensive consultation with the relevant stakeholders and will ensure the protection of biodiversity. Regarding energy storage, it was noted that there are different alternative technologies, such as pump-hydro energy storage, batteries and the conversion of lignite plants into thermal energy storage plants.

You can listen to the excerpt from the discussion of Nikos Mantzaris with the journalist Periklis Vassilopoulos in the show “I Exercise My Rights”, in the First Program of ERT that took place on October 22, 2021, (in Greek) here:

And the whole show of October 22 (in Greek) here.