How can we reduce our carbon footprint in the energy sector?

In a two-day event dedicated to the environment and the search for sustainable choices for our daily lives, Nikos Mantzaris contributed with suggestions on how we can reduce our carbon footprint generated from energy production and consumption.

With the discussion taking place in the aftermath of extreme weather phenomena that hit the country in recent months, Nikos Mantzaris pointed out that the climate crisis is now a visible reality, and can only be mitigated if we limit and eventually zero emissions from our own activities as quickly as possible.

This draws attention to the energy sector, as according to the latest available data, between 1990 and 2021 more than three quarters of the country’s total emissions are caused by the this sector. Electricity production has the largest share, followed by road transportation and buildings, whichwe can influence firstly by changing the electricity mix and even by changing our energy consumption and saving habits.

On the former, he cited data showing that the acceleration of the development of renewables and especially the reduction of the use of fossil fuels for electricity production has already beneficial effects on the sector’s climate footprint, which will be multiplied if the use of fossil gas is further reduced.

Similarly, the reduction in electricity consumption observed in the midst of the energy crisis has shown that it can reduce the need for polluting and expensive fossil fuels, which is beneficial for the climate and the households’ economy in the long term. Finally, energy savings can be achieved through a number of changes in our daily lives, and more structural changes such as  buildings’ energy efficiency.

Nikos Mantzaris’ presentation was made in the panel discussion that followed the keynote speech by Sunny Dolat, founding member of the NEST collective. The panel also included the Head of South East Europe at Eunomia Research & Consulting Hara Xirou columnist and environmental activist Mariza Karidi, and chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos. The discussion was moderated by Katerina Christofilidou, journalist.

The SNFCC Green Weekend took place on 23 and 24 September 2023. More information is available at this link.