Participation in Energy Talks #1

Participation of Ioli Christopoulou in the event “Energy Talks” organized by Impact Hub Athens in cooperation with “For the Love of Greece” on 15.09.2021. The discussion focused on the European and national policies along with the challenges and the opportunities for a just energy transition.

Other speakers at the event were: Vasilis Triantafyllos, Associate of the General Secretary of Energy from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Lila Tsatsi, member of the group “Save Epirus”, Chris Vrettos from the Electra Energy Cooperative and Thanasis Sfetsos, from NCSR “Demokritos”

Ioli Christopoulou talked about the scientific and political background relating to the energy transition, the factors that render it urgent, and the challenges as well the opportunities that emerge.

Especially for Greece she mentioned that the delignitization decision was crucial to speed up the energy transition of the electricity sector. But this transition must in no way drive to new fossil gas investments. We need deployment of renewable energy sources in combination with energy storage. At the same time it is important to ensure that this transition will be participatory and just. Moreover, it must be clear that the transition of the power sector is only the first step in the energy transition and an important part of the transformative action needed for a sustainable future. In this context, the available funding of the new programming period 2021-2027 should be used to facilitate the green transition.

You can watch the whole event (in Greek) here.