On new records for the energy market in 2023 by the Athens – Macedonian News Agency with data from Green Tank

Drawing on The Green Tank’s analyses for electricity production, C02 emissions of the sector, fossil gas consumption and imports and the participation of citizens in energy communities and self-production projects, journalist Kostas Voutsadakis lists the energy records of 2023 for the Athens – Macedonian News Agency. Specifically, he counts 16 milestones that are mainly related to the greater development of renewable energy sources and the parallel reduction of fossil fuels, the reduction of energy consumption and the increasing shift of citizens self-produced energy and energy communities using renewables.

Commenting on these developments, Nikos Mantzaris tells the journalist that “despite the de-escalation of energy prices in 2023, Greece continued to reduce both electricity and gas consumption. This trend, combined with the continued development of renewables, especially by citizens through self-production systems, consolidates the changes in energy behavior that started during the crisis and offers hope for a more decisive shift in the country’s energy model towards sustainability.”

The news report by K. Voutsadakis was published on January 20, 2024, and it is available at amna.gr.