European Green Deal Barometer: Skepticism for Green Deal implementation status in the short term, but cautious optimism post-2024

Since the announcement of the EU Green Deal, in December 2019, experts across the EU have been following closely developments regarding the implementation of the Green Deal in different sectors, in both European and national contexts. This year’s European Green Deal (EGD) Barometer by IIEP, conducted with the contribution of the Green Tank and other members of the Think Sustainable Europe (TSE) Network as well as other civil society organizations, builds on the insights of more than 300 sustainability experts to pinpoint the barriers and opportunities for the implementation of the Green Deal and identify the political space for action, in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.

Noting that confidence in Green Deal implementation shows signs of decrease, the EGD Barometer highlights that for the second year in a row the biggest obstacle to the implementation of the Green Deal is the lack of commitment by member states, followed by lack of policy consistency across the EU Green Deal. The gap between scientific data and policy making is also considered as an impediment to the implementation of the Green Deal.

Reflecting on the negative impact of the war in Ukraine, respondents described the return to burning coal and the prospect of fast-tracking new alternative gas infrastructure as the main concerns. However, experts are still optimistic about the European institutions and their ability to implement the Green Deal post 2024.

On the energy transition, 39% of the respondents indicated this as a priority for the European Commission between now and 2024, and 50% of experts believe that the Just Transition and Social Climate Funds will significantly facilitate the implementation of the Green Deal.

The European Green Deal Barometer includes some crucial recommendations, among which the dissemination of the Green Deal agenda beyond policy centers, noting that Civil Society Organizations can play a key role to this directions.

This year’s edition of the Barometer includes national surveys to increase knowledge about Green Deal implementation in France, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Spain.

The Green Deal Barometer also includes recommendations drafted, discussed and finalized by experts from the Think Sustainable Europe network during the Think2030 conference in June 2022, with focus on four main topics:

Sustainable food systems

Fit for 55 Package

Nature Restoration

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

The full report and the policy briefs are available at