Three energy dilemmas to be addressed by Greece’s new government

Even though the new government will have to make crucial decisions that will determine the country’s energy future, the positions of Greece’s main political parties on climate and energy policy issues are often fuzzy and contradictory. On the occasion of the Greek elections, Politico’s reporter Federica di Sario discussed with Nikos Mantzaris the main energy dilemmas which require clear and solid policy making once the new government is in place:

Dilemma # 1: All major parties agree on renewables but what will be the country’s main flexibility option which will help balance electricity production and demand? Fossil gas or electricity storage?

Dilemma # 2: Will public funds indeed be spent on expanding the gas grid neglecting the upcoming new carbon market for buildings, which will make heating with fossil gas more expensive?

Dilemma # 3: Will Greece temporarily increase the use lignite in order to become independent from Russian gas as was announced?

Expecting the outcome of June’s elections, we have enough evidence showing that renewables’ acceleration together with reduction in energy consumption should be the core of the country’s energy policy in the coming years, with multiple benefits for the climate, the economy, and everyday life.

These points were included in Politico’s daily Energy and Climate newsletter by Federica di Sario distributed on May 22, 2023.