How renewables become a shield against the heatwave

With the heat wave hitting Greece for good, Nikos Mantzaris explains how renewables are once again becoming a shield for citizens, in the news report by John Psaropoulos, for Al Jazeera.

As he stresses, since the beginning of the energy crisis, Greece has greatly reduced its electricity demand. The country also has overcapacity of thermal power plants with a significant reduction in the use of lignite and fossil gas in recent months, while data shows that during the crisis, renewables surpassed fossil gas as a top electricity producer. At the same time, Greece is making significant progress in wind and solar energy production. Against this background, he concludes that if infrastructure issues such as energy storage are resolved, renewables will play a key role in containing energy prices and, of course, reducing CO2 emissions from the sector.

The news report was live on 13-14 July 2023 on Al Jazeera. You can watch the excerpt here.